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Content first, everything else second.

Your EX Folio showcases your content in an effective and visually appealing way. 

First Impressions Matter

You only have one chance to make a good first impression, and your website is often the first point of contact between you and potential customers. 

It takes about 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) for users to form an opinion of your website that determines whether they stay or leave. 

And if you make it past the first glance? 

If your website looks dated or seems like it was put together without much thought, visitors will likely move on to one of your competitor’s sites. On the other hand, if your site is modern and user-friendly, and your content is relevant and engaging, you’re more likely to convert visitors into leads or customers. 

Design Nurtures Trust

75% of consumers admit to making judgments on a company’s credibility based on the company’s website design. When you think about it, it’s pretty incredible that the credibility of a company is so powerfully linked to the aesthetic quality of its website. But it’s 2022, and a website serves as a window into the way a company operates. As such, it needs to exude credibility in every sense of the word.

When it comes to portraying credibility on a company website, step one is to have a modern, updated design that shows your company cares about its digital presence. But credibility is also driven by a website’s content, and content should always go hand in hand with design.

Content can be anything from images or videos displayed on the site to blocks of copy describing your services, headlines, sub-headlines, etc. The way these pieces of content are integrated with your site’s design is just as important as what they say.