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You’re probably wondering what we mean by Styles. Pure and simple, we’re referring to themes, but we don’t like to call them that. That’s because what we provide is not a theme. Rather, the “theme” is set by you, your content, and your curation. Our mission is to not get in the way. Instead, we only want to enhance, accentuate, and highlight what makes you, you.

Our collection of Specially Crafted Purpose Built Themes

Built to showcase your content. Not get in the way of it. With new themes added every quarter.


A horizontal portfolio-type theme for photographers and designers.


Photographers and designers, get ready to stand out with EX Folio's EXpositio Theme! If you're tired of the same old vertical portfolios, this horizontal gem is your ticket to a captivating and unique presentation of your work.Horizontal EleganceEXpositio flips the script with its horizontal portfolio layout. It's not just a theme; it's a canvas for your creativity that breaks the mold.Showcase Your Artistry DifferentlyIn a world full of vertical portfolios, EXpositio Theme offers a refreshing change. Capture attention differently, and let your work flow seamlessly from left to right, making a statement that's as bold as your talent. Ready to redefine the way you showcase your art? EXpositio Theme is here to help you do just that. Say goodbye to the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with this innovative portfolio-type theme.
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Lux Realty

EX Folio's Lux Realty Theme: Where Elegance Meets Functionalit


Looking to make a bold statement in the world of high-end real estate? Look no further than EX Folio's Lux Realty Theme. This sleek and minimal theme is designed for professionals who want to exude sophistication and class in every pixel.Sharp Lines, No Fluff, Bold TypographyLux Realty Theme is all about sharp lines, no unnecessary frills, and typography that demands attention. It's clean and crisp, ensuring your properties take the center stage. No distractions, just pure elegance.High-End AppealWhen it comes to high-end properties, presentation matters. Lux Realty Theme is the ideal choice for those who want to showcase their listings with finesse. It screams luxury and professionalism from the first click.Custom-Tailored for YouWhat sets Lux Realty Theme apart is its adaptability. We custom tailor every aspect to your niche, ensuring that your website aligns perfectly with your brand and audience. It's not just a theme; it's your digital signature. So, if you're in the real estate game and you're ready to make a statement that reflects the luxury of your listings, Lux Realty Theme by EX Folio is your ticket to success. Get ready to turn heads and elevate your online presence to a whole new level of opulence.
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Elevate Your Portfolio with Elegance


Looking to showcase your creative portfolio in a sleek and minimalistic way? Look no further than EX Folio's Mango Theme. It's the perfect choice for established creators with a portfolio that deserves to shine.Clean Layouts, No NonsenseMango Theme is all about clean, uncluttered layouts. No fluff, no distractions. Your work takes center stage, allowing your artistry to speak for itself.Sharp Display FeaturesWith Mango, your creations come to life in vivid detail. Its sharp display features ensure that every nuance of your work is captured and presented in its best light.For the Established CreatorMango Theme is tailor-made for those who have honed their craft and built a portfolio to be proud of. It's not just a website; it's a stage for your artistry to shine. So, if you're ready to take your portfolio to the next level and make a lasting impression, Mango Theme by EX Folio is your go-to choice. It's time to let your work steal the spotlight it deserves.
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Where Content Shines and Readers Thrive. A highly responsive theme for blogging, posting images, videos and text content.


Whether you're a blogger, content creator, or storyteller, the Readly Theme by EX Folio is your secret weapon for making your words and visuals truly pop. This highly responsive gem is all about letting your content take the spotlight.Content, Meet EleganceWith its minimalistic design, Readly puts your words, images, and videos front and center. It's like the clean, white canvas where your creativity truly shines.Read Anywhere, AnytimeReadly doesn't just look good; it performs on all devices. From desktops to mobiles, your content remains engaging and easy to read, ensuring your message reaches your audience, no matter where they are. So, if you're ready to make a lasting impression with your words and visuals, the Readly Theme by EX Folio is your go-to choice. It's time to share your stories, ideas, and creativity with the world, and make sure they're seen in the best light possible.
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For the Professional Blogger that seeks to showcase their authority through content


Update in progress
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Where Real Estate Meets Elegance. Sleek, Stylish, and Functional.


Calling all real estate agents and brokers! The Alma Theme by EX Folio is your ultimate digital ally. Purpose-built for the real estate world, it's all about combining minimalistic design with maximum impact, especially when it comes to showcasing those stunning property photos.Sleek, Stylish, and FunctionalAlma is not just a theme; it's a statement. Its sleek and stylish design is the perfect backdrop for your real estate listings. It's a canvas that lets your properties shine.Mobile MagicIn the fast-paced world of real estate, being mobile-friendly is a must. Alma ensures that your listings look stunning and are easily accessible on any device. Maximum readability means maximum results. So, if you're in the business of selling homes and making dreams come true, Alma Theme by EX Folio is your trusted partner. It's time to make every property look its absolute best and capture the hearts of your clients with elegance and style.
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