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66 W Flager, Miami, USA



A horizontal portfolio-type theme for photographers and designers.

Photographers and designers, get ready to stand out with EX Folio’s EXpositio Theme! If you’re tired of the same old vertical portfolios, this horizontal gem is your ticket to a captivating and unique presentation of your work.

Horizontal Elegance

EXpositio flips the script with its horizontal portfolio layout. It’s not just a theme; it’s a canvas for your creativity that breaks the mold.

Showcase Your Artistry Differently

In a world full of vertical portfolios, EXpositio Theme offers a refreshing change. Capture attention differently, and let your work flow seamlessly from left to right, making a statement that’s as bold as your talent.

Ready to redefine the way you showcase your art? EXpositio Theme is here to help you do just that. Say goodbye to the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with this innovative portfolio-type theme.